An online training tool for tour operators

There’s a lot to consider when managing your tour business. Tayl makes it simple to track your staff training and keep the show on the road.

Stay on track

Roads close, vehicles change, and new attractions open up: Tour Operator teams need an encyclopedic knowledge to keep their customers satisfied. Here’s how Tayl can help.

Tailor your training

You may want a video on how to reverse your tour coaches. You could quiz your guide’s knowledge of a castle-strewn route north. Or just simply onboard new staff members.

Online learning improves retention rates by up to 60%

Interactive training

The best guides are those who can bring a story to life. With interactive quizzes, big, beautiful images and more, Tayl energizes your training in a way that will inspire your staff to love your brand. 

“With Tayl, we removed a rainforest of paperwork and enabled our guides to build training that guides both enjoy making and taking.”

– Dougie Johnstone

Haggis Adventures

Train anywhere

Staff who work in tourism love to travel. By using Tayl, your team can prepare for next seasons tour schedule on their phone from anywhere in the world. 

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