Frequently asked questions

What type of businesses use Tayl?
Our platform is ideal for cafés, restaurants, events companies, sales teams, and people-focussed businesses of all shapes and sizes.
How is it free?
We let you use our platform for up to five users. This lets you try out our courses, create your own training, and find out how our platform can help your business.
What happens at a demo call?
A member of our team will give you an idea of what the platform looks like, features, and answer any of your questions.
Is that really the price?
If you have multiple business sites, we will give you a unique quote. Charities and nonprofits are entitled to a 25% discount. You also can cancel your contract at any time. 
How long does it take to create a course?
If you can browse the internet, you can create a course on Tayl. From uploading videos to making quizzes, you could be creating courses in as little as five minutes.
What’s included with my free account
You get access to all our platform’s features. You can browse our courses and start creating training. You're limited on your user count.

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