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HAGGiS Adventures

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Since 1993, Haggis Adventures has embraced Scotland’s wilderness. Their passionate guides take independent travellers on coach tours to explore Scotland’s breathtaking mountains, dramatic cliffs and rugged coastlines.

But managing a company like this isn’t simply a walk through a stunning national park. Their guides must have an encyclopedic knowledge of the roads, their vehicles require stringent safety checks, and their customers need to be treated with exceptional customer service.

Here’s how Tayl helps them deliver some of the best reviewed tours in Scotland.

Sharing the Stories

Haggis Adventures’ guides know the jokes and facts that won’t be on Wikipedia. They let their guides add their own personality to their trips, pass down the best tales, and avoid scripts.

With Tayl, Haggis Adventures are able to create training for each tour route. Their courses cover essential history and ensure their guides are prepared for their customers’ questions.

For example, a tour route course on their Tayl account includes a map and modules for each step of the tour. The ‘Edinburgh to Loch Lomond’ module on the ‘Loch Lomond – Day Trip’ tour route course has a few facts about Mary Queen of Scots and Robert the Bruce, and then a quiz about the road turns and historical dates.

At the end of each course, guides can sign an e-signature to prove they’ve completed the training. This means their training manager can easily find out who is ready to lead a group of intrepid customers into the remote regions of Scotland.

Teaching the Technical-Know-How

From getting caught in wild weather to ascending steep hills, Scotland’s roads require a sturdy vehicle.

To maintain their fleet and effectively share technical knowledge, Haggis Adventures used Tayl in a way we never predicted.

At the heart of our platform is a simple course builder that anyone can use. So, Haggis Adventures empowered their guides and let them build visual training about the coaches. They picked up a phone; made short videos on how to reverse coaches, legal driving breaks, and repairing wing mirrors; and uploaded the content to Tayl. The courses are now available throughout the company.

This enabled their team to share knowledge quickly and utilize the creative skills within their company. It saved the training managers time and showed us a new way to think about our training platform.

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By transferring all our training to Tayl we have removed the need for paper which is helping in our efforts to become a more sustainable business. It’s far more enjoyable for our guides to engage with quizzes and videos. From reversing a coach to filling in expense forms, our team can even get involved and make videos and help build the courses themselves.

Douglas Johnstone
Ops Manager, HAGGiS Adventures

Building the Brand

Haggis Adventures has a bold brand. They believe in sustainable travel, giving back to communities, and doing everything passionately. It’s their consistent message and personality that helps them stand out amongst their competitors.

With Tayl, they’ve been able to instill their values into the heart of their team. They created brand guidelines for everyone working with customers and uploaded it to Tayl. The guidelines are packed with bold images, videos, quizzes and more. It brings to life who they are more than their old PDFs did.

Tayl also lets them use their logo in the platform, so the users are immersed in the Haggis Adventures style from the moment they log in.

Connecting Departments

It’s not just guide training that has benefited from the use of Tayl. Other departments are now using the app and that it makes it easy for them to share core modules across multiple departments.

Starting at the Beginning

This is just the beginning with Haggis Adventures.

We look forward to hearing more of their ideas and helping them deliver the wildest tours in Scotland.

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