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How To Create Online Training That Benefits Your Business

Discover how to create online training, the advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind and valuable tips for creating online training for employees.

7 min read

How To Successfully Onboard New Staff While Remote Working

Discover how to successfully onboard new employees remotely in our recent guide. Learn how to make onboarding engaging with online training by Tayl.

6 min read

Businesses & Drink Spiking Awareness

Another unfortunate ‘epidemic’ that has recently taken the UK by storm recently is an increase in drink spiking incidents. Anxiety and fear amongst the UK’s partygoers and bar patrons. But with this, you can fight it as an organisation and as individuals.

6 min read

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) & Food Businesses

As a food business (catering, retail or manufacturing), Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) are a part of your enterprise, and if you are curious about who they are and what their responsibilities are, then this guide is for you.

5 min read

Food Businesses & Food Hazards [With Steps & Examples]

2.4 million cases of foodborne illness are estimated to occur every year in the UK, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), and most of them are preventable, which is why your food and catering business should always practice food safety laws apply to you.

8 min read

Do I Need a Level 1, 2 or 3 Food Hygiene Certificate?

In the UK, food business operators have a legal requirement to ensure all food handlers are trained in food safety and hygiene. But with so many different kinds available it can be difficult to know which one you need. Read this guide to find out.

6 min read

HACCP for Food Businesses [With Steps & Examples]

Food businesses must ensure that the food in their possession is up to regulatory safety standards, which is why we have created an easy guideline for you with all 7 HACCP principles included.

8 min read

How to Keep Temperature Records

It is important for you to record the temperature of all foods for the safety and hygiene of customers. It is a precaution taken to prevent food poisoning, and also is proof in case there is an incident. Find out all the steps and practices of temperature record keeping.

6 min read

Difference between Use By Date and Best Before Date For Food Businesses [With Examples]

More than 500,000 tonnes of food is wasted in restaurants, hotels, and bars every year across the UK and a lot may have to do with misunderstandings with food labels. Learn the difference between the 2 date marks - use by date and best before date that might just help you save money and reduce food waste.

6 min read

What Does Natasha’s Law Mean For Your Food Business?

Natasha's Law, officially known as the UK Food Information Amendment, is a new food safety law that will come into force in October 2021. Named after the fatal allergic reaction of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, learn what this law means for your business and how it will prevent future problems.

8 min read

The Science of Food Safety

An effective food safety management system requires a basic, scientific understanding of how food contamination occurs and how food safety practices can help mitigate these high-risk scenarios. So let’s dive into the science of food safety to get a basic idea of how food safety works.

8 min read

Funny Complaints and How to Use Them

As the restaurant industry is put at risk, you need to use every tool at your disposal. That includes finding how complaints, even the weird and ridiculous, ones can be useful. So let’s have a good laugh at some ridiculous reviews and some great ways restaurants have responded.

8 min read

Eating Out Safely After COVID-19

After lockdown, 75% of people said that hygiene would play a role in deciding where to dine out. That's a change from nobody to almost everybody. To ensure that guests feel safe and can relax while dining out, training is key. Communicating your hygiene practices effectively to both your staff and customers will help rebuild trust in the restaurant’s safety.

8 min read

5 Key Things to Remember When Moving Your Training Online

Training is a crucial part of every workplace. From onboarding new team members to continuously topping up your staff’s knowledge, successfully training your team ensures they’re always working to their highest standard.

6 min read

Look After Your Mental Health In Lockdown

This pandemic is unlike anything we’ve experienced and we have to adjust to a new routine while also contending with the fears and anxieties that are a natural response to something like this.

8 min read