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Food Hygiene and Safety Level 2 for Catering

If you handle food in the workplace, you need to know how to protect it from contamination. So, this Level 2 online Food Hygiene Course ensures you acquire all the skills and tools you need to keep your customers safe and comply with the food hygiene regulations.

This course covers the best practices in food safety hazards, food storage, food preparation, personal hygiene, controlling temperatures, and premises cleaning. You take the course online through written text, videos, and engaging quizzes. When you complete this course, you’ll access your printable certificate, safely serve your customers, and comply with legal regulations.

This Food Hygiene Level 2 Course for Catering is suitable for restaurants, hotels, fast food establishments, nurseries, tourisms businesses, cafes, and anyone who may handle food.

  • Fully accredited organisation
  • Meets UK and EU legal requirements for food handlers
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
  • Printable PDF e-certificate upon completion
  • Online course with no time limits
  • Estimated duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Free for up to five users

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Course Content

Food Hygiene and Safety Legislation

Key food safety legislation and regulations, such as The Food Safety Act 1990 and the Hygiene of Foodstuffs EC 852/2004; the responsibilities for those working in food production; what EHPs are; fines, penalties and due diligence; and HACCP and Food Safety Management Systems.

Food Safety Hazards

What food contamination and food safety hazards are; physical, chemical and allergenic hazards; cross-contamination and vehicles of contamination; and how to report hazards.

Microbiological Contamination

What microbiological hazards are; bacterial contamination and bacterial growth; food spoilage; and food preservation methods, such as freezing and chemical preservation.

Food Poisoning

The differences between foodborne illness, food poisoning and foodborne disease; common causes of food poisoning; types of food poisoning bacteria; and types of food poisoning viruses.

Personal Hygiene and PPE

The importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness; reporting illnesses, and working with cuts and sores; handwashing; and examples of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Why food pests are hazardous; examples of different types of pests, including flies and rodents; how pests gain access to food premises; and control measures.

Food Deliveries and Storage

Storage procedures for different types of food; reputable suppliers and deliveries; food labelling and date marks; and stock rotation.

Food Preparation

The importance of temperature control; the Danger Zone; temperatures for cooking, reheating, cooling and food on display; and checking temperatures and using probe thermometers.

Premises Design and Layout

Good premises design, facilities and layout; suitable workplace materials; and waste disposal.

Cleaning and Disinfection

How to clean thoroughly; storing chemicals properly; different types of chemicals; the six stages of cleaning; cleaning equipment, such as dishwashers; and using cleaning schedules and monitoring cleaning.

How it Works

Our Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety e-learning course is delivered online through our Tayl platform. This means you can complete this course on any device that can access the internet, and you can take a break at any time and save your progress. You can also add more users to your account, access more compliance training courses, and track who has done what.

By the end of your course, you will know the four C’s of food safety, understand the procedures that ensure good food hygiene practices, and have evidence to show that your business complies with the UK Food Regulations 2006.

Your Certificate

To complete your course and download your food hygiene certificate, you need to have correctly answered enough questions in the quizzes throughout the course. You’re able to retake these quizzes as many times as you want. The certificate is printable and will be accessible at any time when you log into our platform. The certificate is saved on our system so you can use it to prove a commitment to ongoing legal compliance.

Get this course for £12

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to have done Food Hygiene and Safety Level 1 to do the Level 2 course?
No, this course covers everything you need to comply with UK regulations.
Do I get a certificate?
When you complete a course you're issued with a Food Hygiene & Safety Level 2 for Catering printable completion certificate at no extra cost.
Can I retake courses?
We understand that it can take a bit of time to understand the material. That's why you can have as many retries of a course as you need at no extra charge.
Why is the course free?
It's not a trick, you really get this course, certificates, and all our library for up to five users. You simply need a work email address. It's free because we believe in our product. And we think that once you try it, you'll come back to us again and recommend our system to your friends. So, what are you waiting for, get your course today.
What devices do the courses work on?
What devices do the courses work on?
The courses work on any modern internet browser on any device. Whether you're using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge on an iPhone, Android, Laptop or PC everything will work just fine.
How does the money back guarantee work?
Really easily. Just let us know you'd like a refund and we'll make it happen. No questions asked.
What do the levels mean?
This course is not a formal RQF food safety and hygiene qualification, the levels indicate the type of course so that businesses can choose whom it is suitable for..